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Large Garden

 Some of our services include: 

Hardscape. jpg.jpg


Hardscape can be used to enhance the other objects on your property. Hardscaping design consists of the elements such as pavers, stones, rocks, planter boxes, arbors and water features as well as wood, natural stone and concrete structures like retaining walls, patios, fences, decks, pergolas, stairs and more.



Softscape is the soft, living part of your landscape; the vegetation. Some elements of a softscape may be permanent, such as shrubs and evergreens, and others are temporary, like perennials. Examples of softscape include trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, vegetable plants, soil and mulch.

outdoor lighting


We specialize in installing low-voltage landscape lighting that illuminates walkways, provides visibility and security, and increases the value of your home

  • Up Lights

  • Down Lights

  • Path & Area Lights

  • Wall & Step Lights

  • In-Grade & Well Lights



• Surface irrigation
• Drip irrigation 
• Sprinkler irrigation
• Blended systems: One way to reduce waste as much as possible is to utilize drip irrigation systems. By using drip irrigation, homeowners can optimize their watering efforts and reduce the overall amount consumed.



Landscapes with drainage problems have underwater grass that dies from sitting underwater for too long. Your yard should have a gentle slope that drains the water to a given route. Whether it’s minor puddling or large areas of standing water, Hatcher Landscape Construction can design and install affordable, practical and long-lasting drainage solutions for your home.



Plants are essential to creating an enjoyable garden. Larger projects with trees or shrubs can be planted anytime in the season while some of the hardier annuals such as violas can be planted in early spring. From cactus & succulent gardens to native habitat gardens, we can help you with all aspects of water-smart gardening.



Premium artificial turf installations allow you to save on your water expenses and landscaping maintenance. Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass that stands up to heavy use and requires no irrigation or trimming.

Designed Backyard


When landscaping a yard, walkways often get overlooked. Walkways and paths guide people through your yard, and they can also be used to create a mood or atmosphere. You'll need to make a number of important decisions regarding shape, dimensions and materials, which can range from simple gravel to decorative stamped concrete.



Mulch is a key ingredient in landscaping. The mulch cover helps control weed growth. Mulching is a one-time expense that reduces ongoing maintenance costs. Mulch can reduce the chance of diseases, and is one of the critical factors in making a landscape drought-tolerant along with the use of drought-tolerant plants and efficient irrigation.



Clearing the site is the first step of landscape demolition. Trees and stumps are not easy to remove, so they’re often left in the ground for longer than they should be. The final step in landscape demolition is leveling and grading the land. Grading typically involves bringing dirt from high spots to fill in lower spots in the land.



Garden Excavation services include:
• Ground leveling
• Tree stump removal
• Property clearance and clean up
• Hedge removal
• Earthmoving

Heavy Hauling_edited.jpg


Hatcher offers efficient and safe hauling for residential projects so customers can enjoy their beautiful homes. Hauling and dump charges are based on the amount of material you have. No job is too big or too small. We can haul off debris from your yard as well as deliver landscape materials, such as mulch, rocks, gravel, and sand.

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